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Every day there are examples noting businesses are not immune to t
he escalating problems with substance abuse and violence endemic to our society (violence is directly attributable to substance abuse).  The Noble Group provides decades of experience in mitigating this avoidable risk for your organization through efficiently and effectively managing your drug testing program, providing background checks, post-hire monitoring, active assailant response and situational awareness training, de-escalation training, threat assessment, and critical incident program management.  We sincerely care about the safety of your employees and each month we will highlight articles that validate why our services are essential as well as provide insight (three decades in law enforcement) on ways to protect your employees.

Relevant Risk NEWS

Spectrum was ordered to pay $1.1 Billion for the Negligent Hiring and Retention of an employee who stabbed and killed grandmother. “Testimony in the trial found that Charter Spectrum ignored countless red flags about Holden from the date of his hire to the day of the murder. The company removed an employee screening program in 2016 and allegedly hired Holden without verifying his employment history, which he lied about on his application.”


While there is a movement to limit background checks and note past behavior should not be a factor in hiring decisions, it is common sense to take the time to "know" the character of the person you hire. Background checks and post-hire monitoring can significantly enhance your understanding of the persons you are hiring and retaining. The safety of your employees and the liability of your organization depend on your decisions.  Read Source Article


Preventative Resources
  • Testing for THC has become problematic for some businesses.  Noble medical has several NO THC testing options including both Urine and Oral Fluid Options available, view our product selection: Product Selection Page

  • A monthly overview of short-use urine and oral fluid rapid drug testing products at discount pricing is available as a link at the top of our homepage: Immediate Use Inventory

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As the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits increase, many businesses have a renewed interest in completing a thorough background check.

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  • For rapid or lab-based confirmations and MRO pricing, please email:

  • With over 14,000 nationwide collection sites we have the ability to serve all of your testing needs.

  • The increased daily use of Marijuana has magnified the demand for Reasonable Suspicion Training, for questions or to schedule training email:


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